Tsuru Take Flight

There was a period of time when I was dealing with a great deal of anxiety and depression. It was shortly after learning to make paper cranes. I was producing mass quantities to memorize the folds and reduce stress. I ended up with quite a few nice final pieces and decided to make them into a couple of mobiles.

One of the mobiles has exactly 108 cranes. Coincidentally that number corresponds to the number of bell rings that can be heard from shrines across Japan on New Year’s Eve at midnight, otherwise known as joya no kane. Perhaps I was subconsciously remembering the measured, relaxed tone of the bells during the construction of the mobile?

The “108 crane” mobile now hangs in my bedroom. The other I gave as a gift. It makes me feel happier to know even one a simple act of beauty came from a low point in my life. For me the mobiles represent birds in flight. They inspire to lift myself up from a difficult situation and journey on.



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