Chou – Fragile & Strong

20161110_122444After gaining confidence in being able to produce a clean, crisp results from working with cranes, I moved on to a basic chou, or butterfly, design. In retrospect I should have begun with this fold. The first folds are much the same as with cranes. However, the final steps are simpler to follow.

Paper butterflies look just as fragile and ephemeral as the real ones. However, as I spent time folding them I began to realize how strong butterflies really are! Anything that has to change as drastically as they do are very courageous. When they start out they are earthbound caterpillars. Then their instincts force them to seal themselves away. They are at their most vulnerable inside the cocoon but they cannot transformation without doing so. However, once they emerge they can fly freely.

The butterfly gives me courage to face my own period of transformation. I may be vulnerable and lonely as I struggle to regain my sense of self. But it is part of the process and it will pass. I will emerge as a better version of me.


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  1. russelljwood2015 says:

    I love origami butterflies. There are also some more complicated designs that you might like to try as you get more comfortable with paperfolding


    1. wingsofwashi says:

      Thanks for the lovely comment! I actually fold more at an intermediary level now. But for the sake of my blog I wanted to document the process from the beginning. I hope you will keep reading and enjoy discovering the progression of my work!

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