Hana Kusadama

On a dopamine rush from how easy it was to make butterflies, I decided to up my folding game. I was going to learn kusudama! Maybe it was my American “can do” attitude but I essentially went from beginner origami to high-intermediate. For anyone just picking up origami, I do not suggest following my example. Kusudama are essentially spheres that are made out of modular pieces that range in difficulty.


Fortunately, I picked out one of the easiest designs for my first attempt. The individual pieces for the hana, or flower, kusudama are fairly easy to fold. However, be prepared to use a large quantity of paper. Each flower consists of five pieces of paper/petals and you need at least 12 flowers to make a complete sphere. 5×12=60 sheets…In other words, use cheap paper when practicing on your first finished piece.

For this design it is absolutely essential to use glue. I know, it sounds like you are breaking some cardinal origami rule. I mean, it’s paper FOLDING, not paper gluing. But the generally accepted practice in folding is – one sheet, no cut or glue. So it is really no problem for modular pieces. Careful what glue you use though. Hot glue and crazy glue didn’t hold well. Craft glue was the best, but took a long time to set.

Because I overestimated the ease at which I could complete this design, it took much longer to complete. I was folding pieces for days. Then I was trying to find the best glue method. Then doing repair work when the glue did not hold. When it was said and done, I was satisfied with the result.  It reinforced that you should not give up part way through a project. Find a solution and you can still end up with something satisfying.



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