The Adaptable Lily

Origami is wonderfully adaptable. For example, the lily fold can be used in both a kusudama and floral design. I like the kusudama below for its simplicity. However, you can add additional pieces in the gaps to make a more intricate finished piece. Also, just changing the color of the paper can give it a completely different feel. The flower arrangement on the right feels much more realistic and organic to my senses.

At first I thought origami was a rather unimaginative art form. After all, you must follow precise instructions when folding. As well as, the same folds produce the same piece every time. Through learning to fold lilies, I also realized the opportunities for creativity that are also present in origami. It comes after the folding is done. For me origami folding is the technique, but what I do with those folds is where the true art begins. If I can ever master the form, perhaps the folding also can be a creative process. But for now this is where I am on my journey.



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